The Future of Parks and Recreation in Happy Valley

Since 1990, NCPRD has been dedicated to developing, maintaining and protecting parks and natural areas as well as providing first-rate recreation and sports programming, special events, and social services.  Happy Valley residents voted to annex into the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District in 2006, joining the City of Milwaukie and a large portion of unincorporated Clackamas, in order to gain access to the many benefits and opportunities provided by a dedicated parks and recreation organization.

Happy Valley has grown quickly, and over the last few years City Council has been considering funding and managing its own parks program. This is something the City Council has the authority to do without a vote of citizens. If Happy Valley city officials choose to leave the District, NCPRD will do our part to ensure a smooth transition, while continuing to operate with the District’s best interest in mind and fulfilling our responsibilities to residents.

Additional Information

To keep you fully informed on NCPRD’s full range of services throughout the District and how things may change if Happy Valley were to withdraw from NCPRD, we’ve put together some FAQs and resources with further information.

Want to learn more or provide input?

The City of Happy Valley has scheduled a public hearing on May 16 at 7:00 p.m. at Happy Valley City Hall to give residents the opportunity to weigh in.

You can also ask questions or provide feedback to NCPRD by emailing