Milwaukie Bay Park Final Design

Milwaukie Bay Park is a scenic park near downtown Milwaukie along the Willamette River. It is located just off McLoughlin Boulevard between Kellogg Creek to the south and Johnson Creek to the north. In a joint effort, the City of Milwaukie and the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District are updating the design to complete Milwaukie Bay Park – including creating places at the park for people to gather, play, and enjoy nature.

The final design focuses specifically on the approximately 2.5-acre grassy area between McLoughlin/OR99E and the riverside path. Construction of the final planned improvements is anticipated to begin in 2020.

A plan for the park was adopted by the City in 2010. The city and many other agencies, community partners and local citizens have participated in making improvements over the years. Its opening in May 2015 introduced:

  • A launch and landing for watercraft
  • Parking for boat trailers and cars
  • River and creek viewpoints, including a riverside path
  • Riverbank stabilization and vegetation
  • Biking and walking connections to the Trolley Trail

The city is also completing a bank repair project that incorporates pedestrian access down to the river.

Now it’s time to plan, fund and build the final phase of the site. This design effort will revisit the plan adopted in 2010 to update and revise elements that were not completed in previous phases, integrating these in a final design that meets today’s needs for the City, the District and the people they serve.

Considerations for the Project include:

    • Determining the type of play area
    • Moving the restroom
    • Designing a water fountain to be interactive
    • Retaining the Redwood tree
    • Accommodating Trolley Trail
    • Studying event programming
    • Deterring Canada Geese
    • Planning for art
    • Incorporating stormwater design
    • Incorporating Milwaukie’s history and character
    • Supporting views into and from within the park

Get Involved

A robust outreach process is underway to gather community input that will help inform the final park design. Learn more about the project, community events and public input opportunities by visiting the project website at