Luther Road Project

Luther Road Habitat Restoration Project

Luther renderingNCPRD, the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) and Metro recently partnered to purchase a 10-acre property between Johnson Creek and the Springwater Corridor.

BES started the Luther Road Habitat Restoration Project in late June, 2014.  When complete, the project will provide one-half mile of new trails connected to the Springwater Corridor Trail, new native trees, shrubs and ground cover, and create feeding, breeding and resting areas for fish and wildlife within and along Johnson Creek.  NCPRD plans to create additional park amenities on the site in the future.

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Project updates:

Environmental Services is working to stabilize Johnson Creek, protect and bury an exposed sewer pipe and manhole, and improve water quality and stream habitat by moving and restoring the creek channel and restoring natural floodplain functions.

Oct. 9, 2014

Work to date: The contractor is installing erosion control fabric, grading the trail, and laying fabric and gravel (see photo below). The contractor is continuing to grade out the remainder of the site above the creek.

Upcoming work: The contractor will continue grading the site, installing the trail and begin building the overlooks. The contractor will finish their work at the site in about a month. The BES Watershed Revegetation Program will begin planting the site in February 2015. The contractor will hydroseed the site to provide erosion control until the plants are established.

Sept. 18, 2014

Work to date: The contractor completed installing all large wood and completed the new channel this week. The diversion dam was removed and Johnson Creek began flowing into its new channel yesterday. Portland Environmental Services rescued fish from the temporary diversion channel yesterday and the contractor began filling in the diversion channel.

Upcoming work: The contractor will continue grading the site above the waterline of the creek and begin installing the trail and overlooks.

Sept. 10, 2014

Work to date: The contractor is nearing completion of the new stream channel. Most of the wood is placed and banks are stabilized with coir wrapped walls.

Upcoming work: The contractor will complete all instream work and open up the new channel to Johnson Creek next week. After Johnson Creek is flowing in the new channel the contractor will bury the old channel, finalize grading on the site and install the trail and overlooks.

July 10, 2014

Work to date: Construction is underway on the Luther Road project.  This week, the contractor is creating a temporary channel where the creek will be diverted during construction (pictured above). The temporary channel will be completed early next week.

Upcoming work: Staring July 15, Johnson Creek will be diverted into the temporary channel while crews from Environmental Services, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Johnson Creek Watershed Council move fish from the old channel to a safe location downstream of the project.

Once Johnson Creek is safely diverted into the temporary channel the contractor will begin repairing the sewer pipe and manhole and constructing the new, permanent channel and floodplain.

The State of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife restricts the time work is allowed in Johnson Creek to between July 15 and Aug. 31 because that is the time of year we are least likely to disturb the native salmon that use the creek.