View the Draft Master Plan

The North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District has just completed a draft of an updated District-wide Master Plan, which will shape the foundation of the District for the next 10 years.

Take a look at the draft Master Plan here, and stay tuned on our website for how you can get involved in giving your feedback on the plan in the coming weeks!

Table of contents
Appendix A, B & C: NCPRD accomplishments and unfunded projects
Appendix D: Capital investment analysis
Appendix E: District maps
Appendix F-G: Additional information, indoor facilities and parks
Appendix H: Level of service analysis
Appendix I: Demographics
Appendix J: Master Plan survey 2012
Appendix K: Industry trends

This new Master Plan will walk you through the history, investments and funding sources of the District. Most importantly, it provides information our residents have shared regarding their wants and needs for parks and recreation facilities and services.

Through this master planning process, the value the public puts on parks and recreation programs and facilities was clear. Parks and recreation opportunities are seen as important building blocks to creating a healthy community and important in promoting health and wellness, connecting people with nature, providing youth with positive, healthy activities and keeping seniors socially active. It is also recognized that parks and open spaces contribute to the livability of a community, raise property values, promote economic development and provide important environmental stewardship.

The impact of the health and social benefits make parks and recreation programs one of the most positive and cost-effective public services. A robust parks and recreation system reduces public costs in many areas. It has a positive impact on public health, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency and environmental sustainability. Parks and recreation programs play a vital role in creating vibrant, healthy communities.

Now in its third decade, this update of NCPRD’s Master Plan will help us meet the changing needs of the community and to set realistic goals and objectives that provide a roadmap for the future direction of the District.