Impacts for natural resources

If ballot measure 3-451 passes, additional funding  will allow a continued focus on acquiring, managing and protecting natural areas in urban Clackamas County — specifically, protecting land important for wildlife habitat and natural ecological processes as well as passive recreation are key focus areas for additional funding.

This could include projects like:


  • Further acquisition and restoration of natural areas around Mt Talbert
  • Development of a soft trail with educational signage and bird watching overlook at Spring Park Natural Area
  • Procurement of access points along both Clackamas and Willamette Rivers for public access and waterway protection
  • Development of new trail links between existing parks, such as between Scouters Mountain, Happy Valley Park and Mount Talbert
  • Natural area restoration, public access and environmental education partnerships at locations such as Boardman Wetlands, Forest Creek Open Space and Kronberg Park.


It could also allow for environmental education like this:


  • Early childhood nature education programs
  • Interpretive and way finding signage
  • Summer science camps
  • Volunteer restoration and enhancement projects