Mount Talbert Nature Park

10695 SE Mather Rd. Clackamas, OR

Acres: 224

Amenities: Walking Trail, Picnic Facilites, Shelter, Restrooms, Parking

The largest undeveloped butte in Northern Clackamas County, Mount Talbert rises as a forested green sentinel overlooking the web of development that surrounds it and the busy I-205 and Sunnyside Road interchange.

Stretching from Portland’s Rocky Butte southward to the Clackamas River, a group of extinct volcanoes and lava domes lend unique geographic character to the region’s east side, providing important wildlife habitat and panoramic vistas. Mount Talbert is the largest of these undeveloped buttes in northern Clackamas County.

The nature park includes the top of the former lava dome as well as the west facing slopes visible to the tens of thousands of people that travel I-205 every day or shop at the Clackamas Town Center. The park offers miles of new hiking trails, information about the cultural and natural resources found there and greater access to nature close to home.

Metro provided funding for improvements to the site and the nature park will be managed by the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District.

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