Why are the parks going brown?

This summer, to conserve water and funding, NCPRD will only be watering newly planted parks including:

  • Pioneer Park
  • Hawthorne Park
  • Trillium Creek Park
  • Milwaukie Riverfront Park (newly planted areas only)

The Sarah Hite Memorial Rose Garden and the Milwaukie Center Community Gardens and area gardens will also be watered. Parts of Hood View park will also be watered including areas inside the quad and surrounding the new playground.

NCPRD will also water sports field turf areas at the following locations:

  • Ann-Toni Schreiber Park
  • North Clackamas Park
  • Pfeifer Park

Park sites that will not be irrigated to conserve funding and water include:

  • Alma Myra Park
  • Altamont Park
  • Ann-Toni Schreiber Park (sports fields will be watered)
  • Aquatic Park
  • Ardenwald Park
  • Ashley Meadows
  • Ball-Michel Park
  • Century Park
  • Dogwood Park
  • Harmony Road Neighborhood Park
  • Heddie Notz Park
  • Homewood Park
  • Mill Park
  • Scott Park
  • Sieben Park
  • Southern Lites Park
  • Spring Park
  • Stringfield Family Park
  • Summerfield Park
  • Village Green Park
  • Water Tower Park


Please contact Fiona Gwozdz, Community Engagement Specialist, at 503-742.4347 if you have any questions.