Winter Break Science Camps

NCPRD’s spring break science camps foster curiosity and inspire wide-eyed wonder, while teaching kids about the world around them. Registration for in-district residents opened on Feb. 6, and for non-residents on Feb. 13. See camp details and register here.

STEAMVentures: Blast Off with Rockets
Ages 9-12. A rocket a day keeps the boredom away! Want to build and fly your very own model rocket? You can! This camp is designed to introduce students to the exciting world of model rocketry in a supervised environment. Learn how to effectively construct and safely launch your own model rocket. Whether you’re experienced in model building or not, you will get your chance to watch your rocket soar into the air.

STEAMVentures: Rockets and the Science of Things That Fly
Ages 6-9. Up, up and away! Have you ever wondered how gliders, planes, rockets and space shuttles soar in the air? Students will learn about the fundamentals of flying and discover the four forces of flight through experimenting with paper airplanes and model rockets. This class will also introduce students to model rocketry, including how to effectively construct and safely launch their own model rocket.

Register online here.