Adult Dance Classes

NCPRD offers a variety of dance classes for adults who want to get their groove on. Make new friends while learning new dance moves or expanding current dance skills. Classes offered vary from season to season. Lean more about the current schedules, fees, and registration here.

Line Dance – Beginner (Level 1)
This class teaches basic line dance patterns. Get your feet moving, and learn dance steps at an easy pace.

Line Dance –High Beginner (Level 2)
For people who have taken beginning line dance and want to take it to the next level.

Line Dance – Intermediate (Level 2)
Continue building your line dance repertoire with new steps and patterns. For those with experience and/or understanding of basic line dancing.

East Coast Swing/Nightclub Two-Step
East Coast Swing is a happy, fun and upbeat dance. Learn to identify the beats to the music and learn to follow and lead with a partner. Nightclub Two-Step is a slow and versatile dance.

West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is a popular swing dance that is danced in a slot to a wide range of music including rhythm and blues, country western, funk, disco, and rock and pop.

East Coast Swing/Foxtrot
Get Instruction on identifying the beats to the music and how to follow and lead with a partner. The Foxtrot is a combination of walks and gliding dance steps. East coast Swing is a happy, fun and upbeat dance. Learn the basics of these two popular dances that share the same rhythm of slow, slow, quick, quick.

American Tango
Learn the fundamentals of the Tango, including balance, posture and tango-style “walking”. Practice navigating the dance floor with ease using basic steps from this dramatic ballroom dance.

Salsa is a dance done to spicy Latin American or popular music. Come join the lively, fun and popular dance.

Cha-Cha-Cha/Four Count Hustle
Four Count Hustle is done to fast dance-beat or Latin music. It is a four count dance, stepping on every beat with turns. Cha-Cha-Cha is a vibrant, energetic dance that can be done to music of today’s popular pop and Latin American music. It originated from the Mambo and consists of chasses (cha, cha, cha’s) and rock steps.

Polka Workshop
Learn this fun, energetic German dance then take it to the Oktoberfest celebrations. Each workshop session will include the same content and instruction.

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