Aquatic Exercise

Water aerobics is a wonderful way to maintain and improve one’s physical fitness and overall well-being. There are many known benefits to exercise, particularly when performed in the water. While aerobics offers a full body workout to improve strength and endurance, water provides support for the body and greatly reduces the risk of impact and injury. The North Clackamas Aquatic Park offers numerous classes for a variety of fitness and ability levels.

Classes are available in the morning and evening nearly every day of the week. Check out the class descriptions to see which one would best suit you and your needs.


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NCPRD Non-Resident
Drop-In $6 $7.50
Senior Drop-In 62+ $5.50 $7
Punch Card (18 Classes)  $96  $120
Senior Punch Card 62+  $88 $110

H20 Fit
H20 Fit is an excellent shallow water class designed for any level of fitness. The accommodating resistance of water allows for noticeable improvement at one’s own pace. This low impact workout comfortably tones and strengthens muscles while developing coordination.

Deep H20
Deep H20 is held in the 13-foot diving well with the use of buoyancy equipment to enhance floatation of the body. This exercise routine allows the non-weight bearing property of water to reduce harmful stress on the body while enhancing flexibility and range of motion.