Mill Park

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6201 SE Overland St. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 1.3

Amenities: Picnic Facilites, Playground


Heddie Notz Park

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7821 SE Strawberry Lane, Clackamas, OR
Hours: Opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset
Acres: 2.5
Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Playground, Parking, Walking Path


Furnberg Park

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6850 SE Furnberg Ave. Milwaukie, OR
Hours: Opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset
Acres: 2.6
Amenities: Soccer, Walking Trail, Playground, Picnic Facilities

Furnberg Park is a community gem tucked away in the Linwood Neighborhood in Milwaukie. A boardwalk trail curves its way through a beautiful natural area, and a walking path leads through an open lawn with picnic tables, benches and a playground.


Dogwood Park

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11299 SE Main St. Milwaukie, OR

Dogwood Park may be small, but the location, Milwaukie’s Main Street, provides a pleasant view overlooking the river and makes the park a popular destination for lunch-hour picnickers.

Acres: 0.75

Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Parking


Ball-Michel Park

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9781 SE Stanley Ave. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 0.83

Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter, Parking


Ella V. Osterman Park

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10501 S.E. William Otty Road, Happy Valley, OR 97086

Ella V. Osterman Park, part of the Eagle Landing development, is perched on Happy Valley’s west slope and overlooks the Clackamas area.

Acres: 31

Amenities: Picnic Facilites, Playground, Shelter

Summerfield Park

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14001 SE Summerfield Loop. Clackamas, OR

Acres: 0.9

Amenities: Basketball, Picnic Facilites, Playground, Shelter


Sieben Park

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14395 SE Territory Dr. Clackamas, OR

Acres: 1

Amenities: Picnic Facilites, Parking


Pioneer Park

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Pioneer Park is located at the corner of 152nd Drive and Pioneer Drive in Clackamas, OR.

This 2-acre neighborhood park includes a playground with climbing boulders, logs and swings, a basketball court, picnic shelter and tables, a perimeter trail and open play areas. The park was built by Icon, the developers of the adjacent new Hidden Falls neighborhood. North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District will maintain the park.

Pioneer Park is the last of the six Sunnyside Village parks that were identified through the Sunnyside Village Plan, adopted within the Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan in 1993. The plan required the purchase and development of these parks by NCPRD. Funding of these parks was provided by a special park acquisition fee paid by developers in the community. The other five parks are; Pfiefer, Village Green Park, Sieben, Summerfield and Ashley Meadows.


Pfeifer Park

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14074 SE 139th Ave. Clackamas, OR

Acres: 5.5

Amenities: Basketball, Soccer, Walking Trail, Picnic Facilites, Playground, Shelter, Parking