Aquatic Programs

North Clackamas Aquatic Park is NCPRD’s headquarters for water-based fun, fitness and education. Open year-round, the Aquatic Park features the area’s largest wave pool, water slides, interactive fountains, traditional lap and diving pools, a 29-foot rock climbing wall and more.

Big Surf
During Big Surf recreation swim times, the entire facility is open for patrons to experience the Aquatic Park’s many features. Zip down water slides, splash around in interactive fountains and catch a wave in Oregon’s largest wave pool. Big Surf is available each week, Saturday and Sunday. See Big Surf schedules and fees.

Aquatic Exercise
There are many known benefits to exercise, particularly when performed in the water. While aerobics offers a full body workout to improve strength and endurance, water provides support for the body and greatly reduces the risk of impact and injury. The North Clackamas Aquatic Park offers numerous classes for a variety of fitness and ability levels. See Aquatic Exercise schedules and fees.

H2O Fitness is a water exercise program designed to enhance your health and wellness. Get a low-impact workout in this safe, fun and energizing fitness program. All H2O Fitness classes are drop-in.

Deep H2O
Venture to the depths of the 13-foot pool where you’ll use buoyancy equipment to enhance flotation of the body. This exercise routine enhances flexibility and range of motion while using water to reduce stress on the body.

H2O Fit
H2O Fitness is a refreshing way for people of any fitness level to comfortably tone and strengthen muscles while developing coordination. This low-impact workout uses the resistance of water and allows improvement at your own pace.

Lap Swim
Lap swimming is an independent workout time in the lap pool for swimmers who are 13 years or older. During these times, complementary equipment is available for use, including kickboards, pull bouys and diving bricks. The lap pool is 25 yards in length and is maintained at a temperature of 82 degrees year-round. Lanes are marked by speed and circle swimming is encouraged. Drop-in and online registration available. See Lap Swim schedules and fees.

Swim Lessons
The North Clackamas Aquatic Park provides the largest swim lesson program at one facility in the state of Oregon. Classes are available for all ages and ability levels. From babies to adults and swimmers to non-swimmers there is something for everyone. Each session consist of eight-thirty minute classes. Offerings include:

Water Babies – 12 to 18 months old

Aqua Tots – 18 to 35 months old

Preschool Program (Seals) – Ages 3 to 5 years

School Age Programs (Levels1-7) – Ages 5 and Up

See the full list of swim lesson descriptions and register.