Boards approve Strategic Partnership between NCPRD and NCSD

March 23, 2017

The strategic partnership between North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) and North Clackamas School District (NCSD) has been unanimously approved to move forward by the Board of County Commissioners –acting as the NCPRD Board of Directors – and the NCSD Board of Directors.

The partnership includes the exchange of NCPRD-owned Hood View Park in Happy Valley for NCSD’s Concord Elementary School property in Oak Grove, Lake Road Administration Building in Milwaukie, and proceeds from NCSD capital bond funds. This joint agreement gives both entities needed resources to better serve their communities, providing new amenities and community spaces to meet the needs of the growing districts.

Following approval from each board, NCPRD and NCSD now have a 120-day due-diligence period to thoroughly investigate the properties and conduct further testing and analysis. Contingent upon findings, both parties have the opportunity to add an addendum or cancel the existing agreement.

Once the agreement is finalized, the future vision and use of the Concord Elementary School property will be informed by the community and other local organizations who have been invested in the preservation and the repurposing of the historic building. These organizations include Concord Partnership and Restore Oregon. Upon taking ownership of the Concord Elementary School building, NCPRD will be conducting an extensive public engagement process with the goal of fairly and equitably gathering community input, inclusive of all constituent groups.