Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

What is a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a comprehensive report that identifies both current and future needs of an organization that require capital infrastructure. These plans typically operate for a term of four-to-ten years and list the projects and capital programs planned for a community over this time period.  The list of potential projects in the CIP can come from a variety of sources, including citizen requests, neighborhood plans, District staff, facility renovations, long-term capital replacement programs and projects for which grant funding is available.


2007 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Projects List Only

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Base Map
This document helps give context to the projects list by showing each project’s location on a map of the District.

2007 System Development Charges (SDC) Methodology Update Report

SDC Ordinance 06-2014
SDC Ordinance 11-2017 (taking effect on 1/20/2018)