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Upcoming Events

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The Milwaukie Center holds several fantastic events throughout the year. Below are the details of what is coming up in the next few months:


Community Garden Sign-Ups

Time to Think About Planting a Garden

Register Now!

$15 per raised bed; $20 per in-ground bed

Milwaukie Center, in partnership with Clackamas County Master Gardeners, has a wonderful community garden available for rent during the growing season. The garden boasts both raised beds and in-ground plots. First priority on plot rentals goes to prior year renters who are in good standing with the program, older adults (55+) and people with disabilities in North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District.

Proceeds help pay for maintenance and costs of caring for the garden. Due to the high demand for the garden plots, the limit is one per person. Applications are available at the Milwaukie Center Information Desk. For more information, call Lisa Kasubuchi at 503-653-8100.
Volunteer Recognition

Tuesday, Apr. 17, 2-3:30 p.m.

Tell the Truth. Do you Dare? Milwaukie Center volunteers are invited to enjoy this annual event honoring them for their gracious and selfless dedication. Entertainment, door prizes, refreshments, raffle prizes and much more will be provided. For more information, call Judith Kallio at 503-653-8100.

Volunteer Recognition flyer


Healthy Aging Seminar: Understanding Acid Reflux Disease

Tuesday, Apr. 24, 10:30 a.m.-noon

Nancy Frazeur, Providence Hospital Registered Dietician, will discuss acid reflux disease, commonly known as GERD, the symptoms and how to prevent prolonged episodes. There is no fee for this seminar. To register, call Abby Kennedy at 503-653-8100.


Save the Date

Wine and Roses Dinner

Saturday, May 19, 5:30 p.m.

Gray Gables Estate, 3009 SE Chestnut St, Milwaukie, OR

$45 per person, $320 table for 8

Join us for this great evening of fun and fundraising. In addition to silent and live auctions, there will be a casino night, dinner, music and dancing. Have a night out and support the Milwaukie Center at the same time. “Aunt Lena” will also be on site providing special entertainment. To register, call the Friends office at 503-653-8100. Sponsored by: Prudential HomeServices.

Wine and Roses Save the Date postcard


Volunteer Today!

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Over 400 volunteers gather yearly to provide their valuable time and experience to the Milwaukie Center. Without our volunteers, many in the North Clackamas community would go without a healthy fresh daily meal. Others would go long periods of time without the opportunity to simply leave their home.The Milwaukie Center offers many different opportunities for you to share your skills. We want to make sure you find the position that fulfills your desire to make a difference in your community. Questions: Call Judith Kallio, Volunteer Coordinator, 503-653-8100, 1-3 pm, Mon-Fri.

Job Opportunities

Clerical and Business

  • Receptionist
  • Clerical/Phone/Filing
  • Computer/Data Entry
  • Tax Preparation – seasonal
  • Legal/Financial


  • Travel Desk Assistant
  • Photography
  • Recreation Assistant

Friends of the Milwaukie Center

  • Special events
  • Bingo – Thu, 5:30-9:30 pm
  • Board Members
  • Quilters – Thu, 9-11:30 am
  • Rose Guardians
  • Gift Shop Sales
  • Data Entry
  • Greeting Card Writer


  • Committee Member
  • Board Member
  • Public Speaking
  • Fund-raising
  • Business Contacts

Health and Medical

  • Support Group Facilitator
  • Respite Program Aides
  • RN (current license)
  • LPN (current license)


  • General Help
  • Wood Cutting
  • Wood Stacking
  • Wood Delivery
  • Bus Washer
  • Painter
  • Pressure Washing

Special Interest or Skills

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Graphic Arts
  • Music Vocal/Instrument
  • Bulletin Board Designer
  • Quilt Show Volunteers – March
  • Librarian
  • Bottle Recycler
  • Ani-meals Delivery Driver

Nutrition and Transportation

  • Food Server 10 am-1 pm
  • Pete’s Café 8:30 am-1 pm
  • Meals on Wheels driver 10:30 am – 1 pm
  • Food Packer 8-11:30 am
  • Food Packer 1-2:30 pm
  • Bread Sales 9:30 am-12:30 pm
  • Dining Room Front Desk
  • Money Counter 12:45-1:30 pm
  • Grocery Shopping Assistant 9 am – 3 pm

Click here for available volunteer position descriptions

Click here for the Volunteer Application

New at the Milwaukie Center

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