Stringfield Family Park

3614 SE Naef Rd. Oak Grove, OR

Acres: 4.5

Amenities: Walking Trail, Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter, Restrooms, Parking

Stringfield Family Park is located in Oak Lodge and sits alongside the multi-use Trolley Trail. This community park offers recreational activities and opportunities to relax in a peaceful setting. An accessible walking path loops around the park, with benches to sit and rest along the way. The park includes natural areas and two bridges with views of a tranquil stream, making it a great location for bird watching and enjoying nature. The playground, restrooms, picnic areas and open lawn area make it a favorite destination for families, including those with young children. The park is beautiful through the changing seasons, with abundance of blooming flowers in the spring and summer, and vibrant displays of colorful leaves in the fall. A pollinator garden is located on the north end of the park, alongside S.E. Naef Rd.