Alma Myra Park Playground Replacement

The playground equipment at Alma Myra Park has been upgraded to replace failing play structures that no longer met NCPRD’s rigid standards for playground safety. Construction has completed and the playground is now open to enjoy.

Listening to community feedback, we modified playground elements to make the structure more accessible for children of varying abilities, while working within the existing site constraints and budget. Integrated accessible elements include:

  • Accessible disc swing – Replacement of the traditional tire swing with a disc swing for children of varying abilities.
  • Roller Slide – Replacement of the traditional slide with a roller slide, providing sensory stimulation and motion play. The wide slide bed allows for multiple children or a parent and child to use the slide side-by-side at the same time.
  • Interactive Play Panel – Addition of a ground level play panel focused on puzzle, tactile, color and dexterity.

View the replacement playground structure for Alma Myra Park (scroll right and left)


As of Saturday, September 9, 2023, construction has completed and the park is open to the community.

After conducting NCPRD’s regular playground safety inspection, it was determined that the wood materials used in the original construction of the playground structure at Alma Myra Park were rotting. With safety top of mind, NCPRD replaced the old playground structure with a new one that meets all the current industry safety and accessibility standards. This is an equipment replacement and not a full park redesign, which required working within existing site constraints.

No, only the damaged play equipment was replaced. The other existing play structures are in good condition and remain as they are for public use.

We used this opportunity to improve the accessibility of the playground for children with different abilities, while working within the limits of the budget and site constraints. Modified playground elements include the addition of an accessible disc swing, roller slide and ground level interactive play panel. A playground ramp was also explored, but did not fit within the constraints of the site and required fall zones.

Bringing more inclusive playgrounds to the North Clackamas community is a priority for NCPRD, and will be a key focus in our upcoming long-range System Planning process. Please check back for future opportunities to share your voice as we work toward making parks accessible for all.

This project was funded through the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District capital repair and replace program and cost approximately $60,000. All the amenities in the park system are inspected regularly to maintain quality and safety, and projects are prioritized based on facilities in need of urgent repairs and retrofits.

Contact Information
For questions or additional information, please contact Kevin Cayson, NCPRD Parks and Facilities Director, at or 503-794-8030.