Wichita Park

Wichita Park is a 1-acre parcel in the Linwood neighborhood of Milwaukie.  The original master plan was adopted into the Milwaukie Comprehensive Plan in 1999.  The Wichita Park Master Plan was subsequently updated by the Linwood Neighborhood Association and passed by the Milwaukie Planning Commission in 2014.

In May 2015, NCPRD and the City completed the initial set of construction drawings with detailed cost estimate.  In October 2016, NCPRD and the City were awarded a $265,000 grant from the State of Oregon’s Land and Water Conservation Fund to cover roughly half of the cost to develop the Park.  An Intergovernmental Agreement between NCPRD and the City was approved by both the NCPRD Board and Milwaukie City Council in March 2017.

Work to complete the initial set of construction drawings began in May 2017.  Construction on Wichita Park began in summer 2018 following a groundbreaking ceremony. The project is expected to be completed by the end of that year. Watch the video from the Wichita Park Groundbreaking event below.

For more information, contact the Planning & Development Manager, Kathryn Krygier at kkrygier@ncprd.com.

Wichita Park Master Plan adopted in 1999

Wichita Park Concept Plan – PDF