Adult Recreation Programs

NCPRD offers a wide variety of adult fitness and enrichment programs. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to stay active, learning and connected this season. Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, achieve fitness goals or learn a new hobby – you have a wide variety of programs and classes to choose from.

Registration opens for NCPRD residents on December 5 at noon, and for non-residents on December 12. Register here.

Click or tap the dropdown buttons below for class descriptions, and visit the registration site for schedules and fees. Certain classes offer a discount for ages 62+.

Not sure if a class is right for you? Try a free workshop for some of our newest and most popular fitness and enrichment classes. Learn more.

Aquatic Fitness
North Clackamas Aquatic Park offers a variety of health and fitness programs to fit your personal goals. Choose from drop-in lap swimming or aquatic fitness classes. Learn more.

Discover your own unique style and creativity. Learn about acrylics through color, composition, value and perspective. Color theory is emphasized. Projects include working from still life and photographs. No previous painting or drawing experience is necessary.

Beginning Watercolor
Discover the magic of watercolors. This class will start you off by introducing the various supplies and how to use them, as well as teaching the basics of mixing primary colors to create a range of colors. Learn about painting techniques and applying paint to paper through guided painting prompts. No experience necessary. Meet the instructor and learn more about the class on Thursday, January 11, 2:30-3 p.m. Please pre-register.

Anything you see, you can draw, even beginners can become true artists! Using a step-by-step approach, you can learn the “tools of seeing” and trick your brain into only seeing in terms of shapes, textures or colors. Projects include drawing objects, still life and working from photographs. The objective is acquiring strategies for successful observational drawing, gaining a working knowledge of the drawing vocabulary, and familiarizing yourself with the drawing materials.

Mixed Media
Mixed Media is a highly intuitive art form with lots of room for creative expression, because it can take many forms. The sky’s the limit! Explore working with acrylics, oils, watercolor, gouache, pencils, ink, etc. No experience is necessary, as students will learn the basic techniques during this explorative class. Meet the instructor and learn more about the class on Thursday, January 11, 3-3:30 p.m. Please pre-register.

Oil Painting
Develop composition and color mixing skills with one-on-one instruction that will guide you through each step of the process, from canvas preparation to the finished project.

East Coast Swing
East Coast Swing is a happy, fun, upbeat dance distinguished by its bouncy side steps and rock step (back break). Learn how to move around the dance floor to big band or modern swing music. No dance experience or partner is needed.

Line Dance Beginning II
Basic knowledge of line dance steps is a must. If you enjoy learning fun, new dances to different genres of music while getting exercise to boot, then this class is for you! As an added bonus, line dancing staves off the risk of dementia. No partner is needed to enjoy the class.

Intro to Spanish
For people who have little to no Spanish language experience. Learn the fundamentals of pronunciation, grammar and practical vocabulary. Meet the instructor and learn more about the class on Thursday, January 11, 5-5:30 p.m. Please pre-register.

Spanish II/Conversation II
For students with basic Spanish knowledge, this class provides continued development of reading, writing and speaking skills. Casual conversation will also be practiced. Minimal English is used in class. Students speak and the teacher makes corrections while leading a topic. Meet the instructor and learn more about the class on Thursday, January 11, 4:30-5 p.m. Please pre-register.

Writing: Creative/Your Story
Interested in writing your memoirs or writing creatively? This class will help stimulate creative thinking and guide you through remembering and documenting all of life’s special moments. Through writing assignments and prompts, the instructor will facilitate discussions that can be therapeutic. Meet the instructor and learn more about the class on Wednesday, January 10, 1:30-2 p.m. Please pre-register.

Mindful Meditation
Levels 1-4. Learn how to get started with mindfulness. This class will explore the concepts and science of mindfulness practice including four types of meditation. Students will gain insights into how the mind works and develop skills to manage thoughts and emotions. Incorporating these skills into daily living can strengthen one’s ability to overcome challenges leading to a happier, healthier life with reduced stress and better enjoyment. Come to a free workshop January 9, 6-6:30 p.m. Please pre-register.

Levels 1-3.
Chair Pose, Warrior II, Triangle, Stork Stand/Tree Pose, Pigeon and Spinal Twist. Learn these yoga poses and many more! Don’t let mobility, flexibility or balance issues keep you from experiencing the benefits of yoga. Enjoy modified versions of traditional yoga poses and stretches from seated and/or standing positions. Practice deep breathing for better circulation, improved lung capacity, anxiety relief and relaxation. Increase your sense of balance, flexibility and strength, all while listening to soft instrumental music. No yoga mat needed.

Strength and Relaxation Yoga
Levels 2-3.
This class takes all the benefits of yoga – meditation, breathing, stretching, strengthening and balance – and presents it at a slow and gentle pace. Please bring a mat.

Levels 3-4.
INNERgystics is a unique workout consisting of focused, simultaneous upper and lower body exercises that build lean muscle strength and sculpt the body. Fun music, various weights, and breathing techniques help keep the focus on movements that optimize muscle burning, providing an aerobic workout, and a sense of well-being. Please bring a mat and water bottle.

Tai Chi Beginning 1
Levels 2-3. This Yang-style Tai Chi class will start at the very beginning. It is perfect for those who are totally new to tai chi, or those with experience who recognize the value of returning to the beginning to strengthen foundations. Refresh your body with a relaxed, yet invigorating ancient sequence of tai chi moves. It is surprising how much capability, strength, balance and health we gain with the gentle movement in this class.

Tai Chi Beginning II
Levels 2-3. This Yang-style Tai Chi class will continue to build on the basics. It is perfect for anyone who has ever done tai chi before. Build strength, improve balance and increase health through gentle movements. Brighten your mind and mood in a welcoming environment.

Tai Chi for Better Health
Focusing on the Yang-style Tai Chi 108 form, this class incorporates a variety of Qigong exercises. Using gentle movements to relax the mind and body, Tai Chi can help you improve your health and overall well-being.

NEW! Beginning Karate
Students will learn the background, format and structure of traditional Karate, in addition to blocks, kicks, strikes and stances. No prior martial arts training is required. Come to a free workshop, January 8, 6:15-7 p.m. Please pre-register.

Levels 1-2.
Strengthen muscles and improve range of motion and mobility. Great for those with some physical limitations.

Balance and Strength
Level 2. This class uses a combination of body weight and dumbbells to work on strengthening muscles and helping with fall prevention.

Complete Conditioning
Levels 2-3. A whole body workout using aerobics, weights and other strength training exercises. This class is for active people who have been taking fitness classes at least twice a week.

EZ Does It Aerobics
Levels 2-3. Moderate aerobic exercise for those who want to stay fit. Sessions include warm-up, stretch, muscle toning and aerobic workout. Come to a free workshop January 10, 8:30 – 9:15 a.m. Please pre-register.

Functional Fitness
Levels 2-3. Get a full body workout including cardio, muscle toning and stretching. This class is great for those who are just getting started. Some hand-held weights are used.

Line Dance for Fitness
Levels 2-3.
For people who have some dance background and want to dance for aerobic exercise and stimulate their memory. A wide variety of upbeat music, paired with easy-to-follow dance patterns, will keep you moving. Students will learn many dances in one hour.

Low Impact Aerobic Strength Training
Levels 2-3.
This class is perfect for people just starting or returning from an extended break from exercise. Alternate between simple and safe, low-impact movements. Hand weights will be used for total conditioning while listening to fun and motivating music.

Zumba Gold Toning
Levels 2-3.
Learn to sculpt and tone through creative, fun dance routines using hand weights. World music with lively rhythms pumps this class up! You will need to provide light hand weights (1 or 2 lbs.). Soup cans or water bottles can be used for those participating at home.

Levels 3-4.
Zumba combines Latin and international music which incorporates hip-hop, cumbia, reggaeton, salsa, merengue, mambo and more. Build strength, burn calories, and improve motion and posture.

Levels 3-4. Use dumbbells to experience a whole body workout that optimizes performance in a safe environment. Music and breath keep you focused on completing each muscle-burning task. Class ends with a relaxing stretch and cool down.

Smartphones Beginner
Whether you are completely new to smartphones or looking to boost your tech skills, this class will cover introductory basics, including navigating your phone, setting up essential apps, sending messages and making calls. You will also learn about customization, privacy settings and staying safe and secure online. Tablet users are also welcome.

Smartphones Beginner 2
This class is for those who have mastered the smartphone essentials and are ready to delve deeper into their device’s capabilities. You will explore advance features and functions, such as, optimizing your smartphone’s performance, using productivity apps, enhancing your photography skills and managing your digital life with advanced settings for security and privacy. Tablet users are also welcome.

Computer Basics
Do computers intimidate you? Perfect for beginners, this hands-on course will help you get comfortable with computers even if you’ve never used one.  Learn the fundamentals of computer hardware, operating systems, productivity and media tools, file management, keyboarding skills, internet, email, security and troubleshooting basics. By the end of the course, you will be ready to explore on your own.

Do you love traveling and discovering new places? NCPRD’s Adult Travel Trips program offers exciting one-day trips throughout the year, providing a variety of opportunities to get out and explore local sites to destinations around the Portland Metro area. From museums to festivals, to restaurants and historic sites, there is something for everyone! Learn more.

NCPRD offers a wide range of drop-in activity groups for all interests. All in-person activity groups take place at the Milwaukie Community Center.

  • Billiards
  • Chinese Mah Jongg
  • Mah Jongg
  • Bingo – daytime
  • Woodcarving
  • Mt. Dulcimer Jam Group
  • MCC Sing-A-Long
  • Ukulele Jam Group


Register online here.   

Register by phone: Call (503) 794-8092 and leave a message, and we’ll return your call as soon as possible. Due to limited onsite staff, please expect delays.

  • Please register at least ONE WEEK before class/activity start date.
  • In case of inclement weather, during in-person programs, contact the class facility before attending.
  • If minimum enrollment requirement is not met, the class or activity may be canceled and a refund or credit will be issued.
  • If paying by check, please call the number above to register, and mail payment to 7300 S.E. Harmony Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222


What is a Zoom class? Zoom classes take place wherever you are, while watching an instructor through a computer or smart device. The classes are live on a specified day, date and time. You will be able to see the instructor perform as well as see fellow students. As a participant, you have options to not have yourself be seen by others and/or heard by others. At the end of a class, the instructor has the option to unmute everyone to be able to socialize or to get feedback. If you are using a smart device, you will need to download the free Zoom app. If you are on a computer, all you have to do is click on the provided link that is sent to you for the class.

What do I need to sign up for a virtual class?
When signing up for these classes you will need: a smart device (i.e.. smartphone or tablet) or computer with speakers and preferably a camera, a space big enough to perform the exercises (preferably 4’ x 6’ or larger), and in some cases equipment as noted in the class description. If you have any questions, please call (503) 794-8092.

What if I want to pay with cash or check, instead of online with a credit card?
If unable to register online, contact us at to arrange a time for cash/check payment.

Are Happy Valley residents still able to sign up for NCPRD recreation programs?
The City of Happy Valley has officially withdrawn from North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District. Happy Valley residents are welcome to sign up for NCPRD youth and adult programs, but as of July 1, 2020 are no longer eligible to receive discounted NCPRD resident rates and priority registration.