Concord Property

In March 2018, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) took ownership of Concord Elementary School in Oak Grove as part of the Strategic Partnership with North Clackamas School District. The Concord School was acquired, along with two other school properties, to revitalize the vacant building and surrounding open space for public use.

As the new owner of the property, NCPRD is dedicated to seeing the former school used to create new community spaces, amenities and recreational opportunities for District residents. Although there are no predetermined uses for the Concord property, there are many exciting possibilities for the site, including a community center, park, library and NCPRD’s administration offices.

The community and local organizations that have been committed to preserving and repurposing the building will help shape the vision and use of the Concord property.



Clackamas County’s Business and Community Services Department (BCS) is in the early stages of planning for two new libraries in the North Clackamas area: one in the Gladstone Library service area and one in the Oak Lodge Library service area. NCPRD and the Oak Lodge Library, which are both part of BCS, are moving forward on a joint planning process to determine the feasibility of using a portion of the Concord property for the Oak Lodge Library.

For more information on the joint planning process, click here.

A 15-member community task force was formed to help assist staff and advise NCPRD’s Board of Directors on best future uses of the Concord property. The task force, part of the joint planning between NCPRD and the county, is comprised of the following:

  • 9 residents of NCPRD (two from the NCPRD District Advisory Board and seven at large members selected through a recruitment process),
  • 5 residents of the Oak Lodge Library service area,
  • 1 resident of the Gladstone Library service area.

Task Force Selection
At large members were chosen through a District-wide application based on a diverse range of expertise, including:

  • Architecture, landscape architecture, park planning and arts, historic preservation
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion; accessible design
  • League sports; community recreation and health; early childhood recreation and education
  • Needs and interests of adults/seniors
  • Outdoors, open spaces and natural resources
  • Public finance

Task Force Members

  • Ron Campbell (Oak Grove)
  • Mark Elliott (Oak Grove)
  • Denis Hickey (Happy Valley)
  • Anna Hoesly (Milwaukie)
  • Stephanie Kurzenhauser (Oak Grove)
  • Michael Schmeer (Oak Grove)
  • Kristi Switzer (Oak Grove)
  • Grover Bornefeld (Oak Grove)
  • Jan Lindstrom (Oak Grove)
  • Doug Jones (Oak Grove)
  • Chaunda Wild (Oak Grove)
  • Jean Chapin (Oak Grove)
  • Lynn Fisher (Oak Grove)
  • Michael Newgard (Oak Grove)
  • Gary Bokowski (Oak Grove)

The Concord Property and Library Planning Task Force charter outlines the background, charge, membership and staff, term, governance and other committees of the task force. View the Concord Property and Library Task Force Charter.

For meeting schedules and minutes, click here.

NCPRD is dedicated to a thorough, inclusive and transparent public engagement process for the development of the Concord property. Extensive community outreach will take place to allow all NCPRD residents and interested groups to take part in shaping the vision of this community landmark. Outreach may include activities such as community meetings, workshops, newsletters, FAQs, surveys and open houses. As the outreach plan and schedule is developed, NCPRD and the county will keep community members informed of public input opportunities on this webpage, through social media and other forms of notification.

  • Year built: 1936
  • Location: 3811 S.E. Concord Rd., Oak Grove
  • Building size: Two stories, 47,000 square feet
  • Site size: 6 acres
  • The building is a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, designed to provide relief for the unemployed by providing jobs during the Great Depression, and is the only remaining example in the community
  • The Concord School has been vacant since 2014, when the North Clackamas School District closed it because of budget constraints, downsizing and consolidation.
  • In the years following closure, the community rallied to preserve the building. In 2015 it was listed as one of Restore Oregon’s Most Endangered Places.
  • In March 2018, NCPRD took ownership of the Concord property


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