Concord Property Project

A new park, community center and library are planned for the Concord Property in Oak Lodge! The synergy of the three facilities on the same property will create endless opportunities for recreation, enrichment and social connection.

NCPRD has finalized the design of the new park, which was informed by community input. The nearly 2-acre park will provide opportunities for inclusive recreation and connections to nature. Park features include a nature-based playground, a multi-use playfield, picnic areas, walking paths, benches, and plaza with amphitheater and interactive splash pad. The adjoining Concord building is being preserved for public use as a community center, and NCPRD is making important upgrades to the building for safety and accessibility.

NCPRD, in partnership with Clackamas County, is excited to make the community’s vision for this site a reality and to breathe new life into the former school property, making it once more the heart of the Oak Lodge community. Construction has started, and the project is expected to be completed by summer 2025. The Concord facility will be closed until further notice and programs relocated until construction is complete.


Get updates on construction and see footage from a webcam at the construction site here.

On Sept. 16, NCPRD and Clackamas County came together with the community to celebrate the groundbreaking of the new park and new Oak Lodge Library – both located on the Concord Property. It marked the beginning of construction for these exciting projects, and for enhancements to the Concord school building, which is being preserved for public use as an NCPRD community center.


PARK DESIGN SITE MAP (Click to enlarge)



  • Entry Gove - S.E. Olive Ave. Entrance

Download PDF Schedule here.




In March 2018, NCPRD took ownership of Concord Elementary School in Oak Grove as part of a Strategic Partnership with North Clackamas School District. The Concord School was acquired to revitalize the vacant building and surrounding open space for public use, and to bring new amenities and recreational opportunities to residents in Oak Lodge and throughout the District.

With input from over 1,300 community members, and in coordination with Clackamas County and consultants, the Master Plan was developed in 2019-2020 for the Concord Property and its future use. The NCPRD Board and Board of County Commissioners adopted the Master Plan in January 2021. The site will be the location of a new park and community center, and the New Oak Lodge Library. Click the dropdown buttons below for more detail on each.

The final design for the new park at the Concord Property is complete, and was informed by a robust community input process. NCPRD is moving forward with construction, which is expected to be completed in summer 2025. Park features include a nature-based playground, a multi-use playfield, picnic areas, walking paths, benches, a plaza for programming, and an interactive splash pad.

The playground design takes nature-inspired and imaginative play elements, such as balance logs and boulder scrambles, and integrates accessible recreation features throughout, including ADA pathways, rubber tile surfacing, two-level tower and bridge with ramps, roller slide, nest swings, inclusive spinners, and a variety of sensory play features.

The school building is being preserved for public use as a community center. NCPRD is designing important upgrades to the building for safety and accessibility, including a new roof, HVAC system, and ADA compliance upgrades. Already serving the community, NCPRD is currently using the facility in a limited capacity for youth and adult recreational programs. Future facility enhancements and upgrades, as proposed in the Master Plan, will require additional funding, such as a general obligation bond.

The new Oak Lodge Library, operated by Clackamas County, will be located at the Concord Property as a separate building adjacent to the historic school building. The library building is in the process of being designed, and construction has not yet been scheduled. Learn more.

The park project and facility enhancements are funded by the NCPRD General Fund and System Development Charges, with additional support from Local Share funds and grants. The awarded grants for the nature-based playground include $1.2 million in Local Share funds from Metro and $500,373 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department 2023 Local Government Grant Program.


March 2018 North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District (NCPRD) becomes the owner of Concord Elementary School in Oak Grove as part of a Strategic Partnership with North Clackamas School District
November 2019 Clackamas County and the City of Gladstone formalize an intergovernmental agreement for construction and operation of the library.
2019-2021 Task forces and project team conduct extensive community outreach to develop master plans for Concord property, including park, community center, and library.
May 2022 Board of County Commissioners delays construction on the library based on significant construction cost escalations and funding uncertainties. The Concord Property Task Force and NCPRD Advisory Committee both recommend pausing on completing extensive upgrades to the community center due to lack of funding, but to proceed with the park design and construction.
October 2022 Board of County Commissioners approves the use of up to $9 million of ARPA funds for construction of the Oak Lodge Library.
January 2023 NCPRD Advisory Committee recommends the park on the Concord Property as the first NCPRD project to receive Metro 2019 Local Share.
March 2023 Project team conducts public engagement to share park design with the community.
September 2023 NCPRD and Clackamas County hold groundbreaking celebration to mark the start of construction on the new park and Oak Lodge Library, as well as enhancements to the Concord building. Learn more. 
October 2023

NCPRD receives $1.7 million in grant and Local Share bond funds for new community park. The awarded funds include $1.2 million in Local Share dollars from Metro and $500,373 from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (ORPD) 2023 Local Government Grant Program. Learn more.



The Concord Property and Library Task Force worked with county staff and advised the Board of County Commissioners and NCPRD Board on the creation of a Master Plan for the uses of the Concord Property, including the park, community center, and library. Task force members are community residents with an interest or expertise in historic preservation, parks, sports, libraries, and other relevant topics. See past meetings and minutes. 


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Alex Gilberston
Principal Planner