Strategic Partnership

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and North Clackamas School District

In March 2018, North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and North Clackamas School District finalized and closed on a Strategic Partnership agreement that will provide new amenities and community spaces to meet the needs of the residents across both districts. This Partnership included the exchange of NCPRD-owned Hood View Park in Happy Valley for NCSD’s Concord Elementary School building in Oak Grove, Wichita Elementary School in Milwaukie, Clackamas Elementary School in unincorporated Clackamas, and cash for the balance of Hood View Park.



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The partnership between the Parks District and the School District gives both entities needed resources to better serve our communities. Benefits of the partnership include:

  • Provides School District with the needed sports fields for the planned development of the new high school, converted from Rock Creek Middle School
  • Hood View Park stays in the community to provide students with athletic fields, and will continue to serve as a venue for sports programming and league rentals during non-school use times
  • Decentralizes the Park District’s capital currently held in Hood View Park and frees up annual revenue to allow for more investment in underserved areas throughout the District
  • Opportunity for Concord Elementary School, Wichita Elementary School and Clackamas Elementary School to be revitalized and repurposed for public uses

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District is dedicated to a thorough, inclusive and transparent public engagement process for the development of new parks and facilities.

The future vision and use of the Concord Elementary School property will be informed by the community and other local organizations who have been invested in the preservation and the repurposing of the historic building. As the new property owner, NCPRD will be conducting an extensive public outreach process with the goal of fairly and equitably gathering community input, inclusive of all constituent groups. Currently, NCPRD and the County are seeking applications from community members to join the Concord Property and Library Planning Task Force. Learn more and apply.

For questions or to submit comments, please email or call (503) 742-4348. To sign up for meeting notices and project updates on the Strategic Partnership and Concord Elementary School, click here.

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