Scott Park

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10660 SE 21st Ave. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 2.6

Amenities: Walking Paths, Benches, Amphitheater, Parking



Sara Hite Memorial Rose Garden

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5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr. Milwaukie OR

Named for a former Milwaukie Center Director, the one-acre formal Sara Hite Memorial Rose Garden is located immediately south of Milwaukie Center and the entrance to North Clackamas Park.

Garden Features

The Rose Garden’s central red brick plaza is surrounded by manicured rose beds at ground level and framed at four corners by raised beds, walkways and low plantings. The garden is available to rent for special events.


Milwaukie Bay Park

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1700 SE Jefferson St. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 6.8 acres

Amenities: Boat Launch, Fishing, Restroom, Walking Trail, Parking

Milwaukie Bay Park is a scenic park near downtown Milwaukie along the Willamette River. It is located just off McLoughlin Boulevard between Kellogg Creek to the south and Johnson Creek to the north. The park features a lawn area, walking paths, restroom, natural areas, boat ramp, water access and views of the river.

In addition to the river, the creeks, and a burgeoning downtown, there are several local parks and natural areas nearby and significant local and regional transportation connections such as the Trolley Trail, bike and pedestrian routes, MAX light rail, TriMet bus transit, and Oregon 99E.

Boat Launch
The boat dock has been reinstalled and is available for use for loading and unloading watercraft. Learn more and check for updates.

Milwaukie Bay Park Project
North Clackamas Parks & Recreation District and City of Milwaukie are in the process of updating the final design to complete Milwaukie Bay Park. The final planned improvements, will create new amenities and recreational opportunities, including a children’s play area, water feature, art and social gathering areas and amphitheater. Learn more about the Milwaukie Bay Park Project.


North Clackamas Park

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5440 SE Kellogg Creek Dr. Milwaukie, OR

Hours: Opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset
Acres: 45
Trail length: 1.7 miles
Amenities: Baseball/Softball, Off-Leash Dog Area, Walking Trails, Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter, Overlook Areas, Horse Arena, Restrooms, Parking
Accessibility: See more information provided by AccessTrails
Public transit: Trimet bus #152 at *The Milwaukie Center

The largest park in the District, North Clackamas Park covers 45 acres of fields, waterways and groves of mature oak trees. The park provides unique recreational experiences for all visitors, and includes shaded picnic areas, a covered picnic shelter, softball fields, a fenced horse arena and a dog park. Additional amenities include two playgrounds, walking paths, a volleyball net and horseshoe pits. Located in Milwaukie, the park is situated next to the Milwaukie Center and Sarah Hite Memorial Rose Garden.

Camas Creek divides the park into north and south, with Mt. Scott Creek flowing west along the northern and western boundaries of the park. A network of trails and walking paths throughout the site provides connections to the many park amenities. Learn more about the newest soft-surface trail on the western edge of the park.

The park includes several natural areas and sensitive habitats, including a wooded area of Oregon White Oak and Oregon Ash, and wetland and non-wetland riparian plant communities. With its mosaic of woodlands, lawns, streams, and wetlands, North Clackamas Park provides habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Overlook areas provide the perfect place to birdwatch and enjoy nature.


Homewood Park

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10821 SE Home Ave. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 1.3

Amenities: Walking Trail, Playground, Parking


Heddie Notz Park

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7821 SE Strawberry Lane, Clackamas, OR
Hours: Opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset
Acres: 2.5
Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Playground, Parking, Walking Path


Harmony Road Neighborhood Park

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7100 SE Harmony Rd. Milwaukie, OR
Hours: Opens half hour before sunrise and closes half hour after sunset
Acres: 1.5
Amenities: Basketball, Playground, Parking

This neighborhood park sits off Harmony Road just outside the North Clackamas Aquatic Park, and features a park and basketball court.


Dogwood Park

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11299 SE Main St. Milwaukie, OR

Dogwood Park may be small, but the location, Milwaukie’s Main Street, provides a pleasant view overlooking the river and makes the park a popular destination for lunch-hour picnickers.

Acres: 0.75

Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Parking


Century Park

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11500 SE 35th Ave. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 0.5

Amenities: Basketball, Tennis, Playground, Parking


Ball-Michel Park

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9781 SE Stanley Ave. Milwaukie, OR

Acres: 0.83

Amenities: Picnic Facilities, Playground, Shelter, Parking